Meet Gabby

If someone were to write the most inspirational American immigrant success story about a young woman determined to come to America and succeed, Gabby Saucedo Mercer’s personal story would be at the top of the list.

Gabriela, or Gabby to her friends, was born in Mexico but decided to lawfully immigrate to the United States upon marrying her husband, Ted Mercer in 1986. The question of leaving her own country to forge a new life in the United States was not a simple choice. Gabby did not speak English, but she was determined to move to the land of freedom and opportunity.
As a legal immigrant to America, Gabby applied for U.S. citizenship, took all the appropriate tests, and five years later, she earned her United States citizenship, while at the same time becoming proficient in the English language

Border Security

The United States is a sovereign nation. We need to maintain the integrity of our borders while finding reasonable, balanced, and sustainable immigration policies to accommodate those good people from other nations who want to join us. I support LEGAL immigration. People who would like to become citizens of the United States should apply from their home country and follow the proper procedures, which need to be streamlined and improved. The sanctuary cities/states models are not sustainable. Border security is State and National security.

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Free and fair elections are critical to a sovereign nation and are a foundational component of political freedom. We cannot continue to allow election results to be delayed. Precinct voting must be restored for easier control and counting of ballots and voter eligibility. Voter roles must be cleaned out and updated. When I am elected I will push for these measures to ensure free and fair elections.

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The free market best provides education, like any other service. It will realize greater quality and efficiency with more diversity of choice. Schools should be managed locally to achieve greater accountability along with parental involvement. We should promote job training and apprenticeship programs that develop intelligence and creativity, while discouraging school dropouts, and bring education into accord with reality. Encourage smaller classroom sizes – There is a general consensus that smaller classroom size, especially in early grades, is critical to educational achievement.

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Standing Up For AZ

I will work with other like minded members of the House to get things done for the people of Arizona, I will listen and work with my constituents on the issues that matter to them.

  • Election Integrity
  • Strong on Border Security
  • Strong on Education

I’ll never stop fighting for your rights!